PILATES with Lesley 



What students have said about Lesley's Pilates classes:

" 'No two people are alike'.  This is certainly true of people who attend Pilates classes - a motley crew from different walks of life, professions and careers; different shapes and sizes; different levels of fitness and pliability.  Lesley skillfully and imperceptibly differentiates, offering 'tips' and 'options' and 'choices' for the exercises and sequences to allow for individual progression, stimulation, challenge and confidence-building.  Within this gentle art form, every muscle is exercised.  To a background of soothing music, in a light-hearted atmosphere, Lesley presents an easy-to-understand, step-by-step programme, catering for the needs of each individual.  No matter how you feel at the start of a Pilates class, you always feel better when you leave."  - Glynis H.


"Regular Pilates is great for my posture and muscle tone.  With Lesley's positive and caring approach, classes are always fun and highly motivating." - Judith W.


"Lesley's Pilates lessons have been invaluable in helping me to cope with my back pain.  The sessions are relaxed and informative and her instructions clear and easy to follow.  I would recommend Lesley's lessons to anyone who is interested in maintaining their spinal health."  - Frances T. 


"I have been attending Lesley's classes for about a year now, and I find them to be both relaxing and challenging!  I'm a massive fan of Pilates as I feel that good core stability and joint/muscle mobility are key elements in keeping our bodies in good working order.  Lesley is a very patient and knowledgeable tutor.  The classes allow you to work at your own level, which means that you can tailor them to your own needs.  I find they are an excellent way of focusing both the body and mind, and they are something I look forward to each week!"  - Rhenu K


"Having just attended my first course, I feel more toned, more supple, more relaxed, more enegrised, and much calmer!  I think that just about sums it up for Lesley's Pilates, and I'll definitely be back for more!"  - Debbie H. 


"I have found Lelsey's Pilates class to be excellent.  I first started attending following a lower back problem which was causing me some pain.  Following  treatment, I started attending Pilates and there has been no recurrence of the problem.  Lesley is a very conscientious teacher who pays attention to detail, and I find that my posture, and back health, are much improved through attending her Pilates classes regularly."  - Jadwiga B.


"Lesley extends a very warm welcome to all her students.  She has a keen understanding of everyone's needs and abilities and can readily adapt the exercises to suit individuals, which gives her classes a strong feeling of inclusiveness.  Her instruction is calm, clear and encouraging.  I thoroughly enjoy the class each week and would not hesitate for a moment to recommend Lesley's Pilates classes."  - Alison M.


"Lesley's Pilates exercise class has made a big difference to the strength in my back and my previous back pain has disappeared.  Her approach is flexible to allow people to practice at their own level within the class.  This one hour a week is a great investment in your health."  - Emma N.


"I would recommend Lesley's classes to everyone.  Lesley ensures each individual works at their own pace and ability.  The classes are friendly and informal and incredibly relaxing.  I have arthritis in my hips and wrists and Lesley has worked with me to ensure I can be part of the class yet do alternative positions where necessary.  I have found Pilates very beneficial in improving the pain and flexibility in my hips and would recommend the exercise to anyone who suffers from arthritis.  Lesley also spends time to ensure the moves are taught correctly, meaning I feel confident to try them at home."  - Siobhan W.


"Lesley's classes are professional but fun.  She has the ability to develop our strengths but also address our weaknesses.  I'd definitely recommend Lesley's Pilates!" -  Debbie S.


"I hadn't tried Pilates before I went to Lesley's class and I was surprised how relaxing it was.   The stretching really helps keep my back and shoulders supple, and I was astonished at how the exercises tone up your tummy muscles.  Lesley is a great instructor and really looks after you.  I can throughly recommend her classes to anyone." - Jennifer R.


"I have been attending Lesley's classes for some time and have always enjoyed her style and appreciate her flexibility with attending different  classes.  The sessions are always informal, relaxed and friendly." - O. Hocking-Robinson


"As a running coach, the Pilates principles I have learned from Lesley during both regular group and individual sessions have helped to counteract common running injuries.  The benefits of good posture, flexibility and a strong core body cannot be underestimated in any exercise regime." - Paula Phillips, UK Athletics Level 2 endurance running and walking coach.


"As a relative beginner to Pilates classes, I was delighted to find a class in Bath that allowed me to 'dip my toes' and try out a session without committing to a whole term.  I researched in my area for quite a few months for classes before stumbling upon an advert for Lesley's, which are by far the most reasonably-priced I've found.  Lesley is a very patient instructor and explains all the moves fully; I can already feel my muscles beginning to work harder.  Because the class sizes are controlled, you feel you are getting individual feedback on your positions and alignment, which is great.  Lesley's positive approach is the incentive I need to keep myself motivated to exercise.  I would definitely recommend her." - Beth R.


"John and I have been attending Lesley's classes for about two years and although we're not perfect at it, we do enjoy going and find that we are more supple.  Lesley pushes us gently but we feel we are not pressured in any way.  Her classes are always held in a friendly but professional manner." - John and Liz S.


"Lesley has made my introduction to Pilates extremely enjoyable with very clear and easy instructions.  The session is one of calm and relaxation - what more can you ask for?!" -  Julie W.


"I have been going to Lesley's Pilates class for over a year now and I really enjoy it.  I had never done Pilates before but now feel more flexible which was my aim.  Lesley has a good sense of humour and makes the classes fun: I look forward to going.  I really recommend her as a teacher and you will definitely feel the benefit of Pilates." - Becky P.


 "I really enjoy Lesley's classes; they manage to achieve a great combination of relaxation and yet quite hard work.  The exercises have really improved the strength of my back."  - Amanda L


"I really enjoyed Lesley's Pilates class.  I was able to notice the difference to my flexibility and body shape after a couple of terms.  Since moving from the area, I have been unable to find such a good class.  I miss it!"   - Emily W.


 " The beginner lessons with Lesley are carefully regulated to ensure variety and with her bright and cheerful disposition she welcomes all, even overweight men!"  - Christopher S.


"Having reached my mid-'50s, and having never participated in a formal/group exercise, I can thoroughly recommend Lesley's Pilates class.  Lesley is aware of each person's needs, allowing you to work to your own pace and at the same time correcting, encouraging and praising as appropriate.  By the end of the session, I certainly feel the benefit of the exercises and a bonus, for me at least, is a feeling of wellbeing and relaxation."    - Barbara V.

"I really look forward to my weekly Pilates classes - they have helped me to relax and unwind, as well as improving my posture.  Lesley is a great instructor, with a friendly, relaxed and clear teaching style.  She is always aware of everyone's needs and ensures that everyone works at their own pace.  I leave each session feeling fantastic - relaxed, taller, stronger and feeling fully 'worked-out'!" - Sally L.


 "Lesley has been teaching me Pilates through two post-pregnancies; her support has helped me to get back into shape and I have found her personal attention to detail invaluable.  She is very good at remembering any concerns that I may have and following up special requirements." - Vanessa H.


 "I have attended Lesley's Pilates classes for nearly two years now and always enjoy taking part in the sessions.  After a long and sometimes quite stressful day at work, it's both relaxing and energising to go to the weekely evening lessons run in the church hall at Bathampton.  Even on those occasions when I sometimes feel I would rather slump in front of the TV and not venture out, I am always glad that I have made the effort, as I feel so much better for having done so!  I would thoroughly recommend Lesley's classes.  The exercises are pitched at the level most appropriate for you (I started as a very wobbly beginner) - allowing you to challenge yourself, but not overdo it!  There is always a very welcoming, friendly atmosphere." - E Ireland.


 "Lesley's style is warm, relaxed and calming, but you always feel that you are in a pair of hands that are professional and safe.  She helps you to do the exercises within one's own severe limitations and without any sense of competition.  Pilates must surely be one of the best ways of strengthening the core and working against the stiffness of ageing and I certainly feel the benefit to my low back symptons.  In a word, I am delighted to have found Lesley and her classes." - Chris G.