PILATES with Lesley 


About Me

Lesley Batten - your instructor

  • Pilates Institute member number 37584
  • Register of Exercise Professionals (REPs) UK member number R0066726

The importance of professional tuition

Pilates is widely acknowledged to confer tremendous benefits if practiced according to its carefully-developed regime of exercises and movements.  But we are not all alike and the principles need to be applied intelligently, with the right adjustments for individuals' particular physiology and condition.  For this reason, it is important to place one's trust in the guidance of an instructor with thorough and comprehensive training in the genuine Pilates technique.

I am a Pilates Institute Level 3 Advanced Instructor - the highlest level of qualification in Pilates mat-work.  I trained at the Pilates Institute in London with Michael King, Malcolm Muirhead and Nuala Coombs, all respected authorities in Pilates and authors of seminal books on the subject.

My Level 3 status qualifies me to teach matwork Pilates at all levels, to conduct one-to-one training sessions (including postural assessments) and to work professionally with specific groups such as expectant mothers and more senior clients.

I have been running successful couses in Bath since 2006.

With any discipline, it is essential to maintain currency with ongoing developments in the field through continuous professional development and regular networking  with other active professionals.  For this reason, I regularly participate in workshops and other events organised by official Pilates bodies in London and elsewhere.

My Qualifications

Pilates Institute Matwork Diploma including the following elements:

  • Matwork 1
  • Matwork 2 (covering one-to-one teaching and postural assessments)
  • Matwork 3
  • Advanced matwork
  • Pregnancy
  • Seniors
  • Clinical posture
  • Healthy back
  • Shoulder, girdle and neck
  • Sacroiliac and hip
  • Knee and foot


Register of Exercise Professionals (REPs) UK

  • I am a qualified REPs Level 3 Instructor


Continuing Professional Development (recent courses)

  • 'PureStretch Has Got Balls', PureStretch, University of Reading (2012)
  • Small Equipment Collection Course, J Pilates, London (2012)
  • 'Studio in a Bag' Workshop, London (2012) 
  • PureStretch, University of Reading (2012)
  • Programming, Cuing & Development Workshop, Nuala Coombes, London (2012)
  • Pilates for Golfers Workshop, Nuala Coombes, (2011)
  • Zumba Gold (Zumba Fitness LLC, 2013)
  • Exercise for Older Adults, level 3 (2016) 
  • Pelvic Floor Workshop with Fitness Professionals Ltd (2017)
  • Pilates for Back Health Workshop, J Pilates Training & Education  (2018)


 I also have:

  • Current St John's Ambulance First Aid Certificate
  • Full insurance


In addition,  I have worked as a fitness instructor and have relevant qualifications in:

  • Personal training
  • Exercise to Music
  • Aqua
  • Indoor Group Cycling
  • Zumba Gold

My approach

In order to realise the full potential of Pilates, it is important to work through a sructured and progressive programme devised sequentially to address the spectrum of muscular and postural developments embraced by the technique, tailored where necessary to suit any specific needs of individual clients.

I am absolitely dedicated to ensuring that my clients gain the maximum benefit from my classes.  For this reason, my approach is based on three key principles:

  • classes organised into courses of at least seven sessions to allow progression through a structured programme;

  • groups limited to a maximum of twelve clients to permit the necesary level of individual attention; and 

  • having fun!  Classes must be enjoyable and convivial.  I don't run borstal classes and I rarely bite!!!